Bay Area Carbide

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Concord CA 94520
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We Service
  • Cabinet Manufacturers
  • Wood Products Manufacturers
  • Aluminum Cutting
  • Printers
  • Plastic Distributors
  • Sign Makers
  • Picture Framers

Sales & Sharpening of Industrial Cutting Tools

Industrial Cutting Tools We Feature
  • Highest Quality New Cutting Tools
  • Automatic CNC controlled Sharpening
  • Local Delivery and Pickup Service
LMT Onsrud
FS Tool

Cold Saw Blades

Visit our Cold Saw Blade division
California Cold Saw

Order blades and coolants online, determine the best blades to select for the materials you are cutting using the New Blade Selector with AutoTooth.

Shop High Speed Steel and Composite Cold Saw Blades amd Coolants

High Speed Steel Blades

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